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Girls of Reddit, what was the best flirting technique someone did to you?
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Let’s get romantic with some true testimonials.

1. The lone wolf

I started dating the university’s lone wolf and was extremely surprised to find how incorrigible a flirt he was. But he didn’t speak my native language, he was not from my state and my parents wouldn’t have approved of our relationship.

When I told him I didn’t want to lead him on, he said we would try our best and if it didn’t work out he would take full responsibility for his broken heart and that I need not feel pressured. The feeling of liberation I felt cinched the deal for me. Looking back I am strangely touched by how he, an introvert, had allowed himself to be openly vulnerable in front of me.

After 7 years of a solid relationship (which included 3 years of wearing my parents down to accept him), we got married a couple of months ago.

– flamboyanza

2. Strangers on a train

I was playing my 3DS on the train and a guy sat across from me, said “Excuse me, can I ask what you’re playing?” and we struck up a conversation.

I was so engaged that I almost missed my stop.

Afterwards we would sit and talk on our way home and he started gifting me books from his work.

That’s when I asked him out!

– Ascilla

3. What’s a birthstone?

Not really flirting, but my bf gave the best gift. We’re exchanging Christmas presents, and I get a necklace that is just one big sapphire. I instantly gush, and happily exclaim “You got me my birthstone!”

Bf looks at me confused and says? ” Birthstone? I don’t know anything about birthstones, I got it because it reminds me of your eyes.

I instantaneously melt into the floor. He meant it too. ?

– ChaiHai

4. Gamer for life

Took genuine time to get to know me, and bought me a few gifts based on interests he’d asked me about before. I was less amazed by the gifts, and more amazed that he’d cared enough to remember what I actually liked.

I’d found most guys wouldn’t listen, and would just buy me generic stuff like jewellery or chocolates if they wanted to gift me something, which was very nice, but not for me.

So when he surprised me with gaming merchandise I was thrilled! Guys, spend those months properly getting to know her!

– BinkiesForLife_05

5. Singing in the rain

In college, my best friend was this guy that I had a flirty friendship with, but we were both dating other people. We lived in the same buildings as each other freshman – junior year, and spent a lot of time together but again, we were with other people.

Freshman year we were watching a movie together and this couple had an epic kiss in the rain, and I offhandedly mentioned I thought it was so romantic.

Senior year rolls around and we’re both finally single. We were walking home from a party, it started raining and he just kinda grabbed me and kissed me, and mentioned he thought about what I said any time it rained. We had a very intense relationship for about a year and then it kind of ended in disaster and we haven’t spoken since lol

– cleanandcozy

6. Riddle me this…

He said “I have a riddle for you” then he took my hand and traced a line down the middle of my palm.

“This is a river. It is too wide to jump over, do deep to wade across, too fast to swim across, and too long to go around. There is a bunny stuck on one side of it. How does the bunny cross the river?”

After about 10 minutes of me trying to guess the answer I gave up and asked him how the bunny got across the river.

He said “who cares? I just wanted to hold your hand!”

– KitKatPattywhaks

7. Nursing back to health

I met my (now) husband while I was in the hospital … He worked there and I was a frequent patient unfortunately.

Anyway, he would bring daffodils to my room. Or apple juice. He “snuck” me extra warm blankets and would sit with me before/after his shift. When I got out, he offered to get groceries and wash my hair. All of it just as a friend. He knew I wasn’t interested in dating while going through everything and so he was just THERE.

Turns out I happened to like him THERE and we are celebrating our 12th anniversary this year.

– GypseboQ

8. I’m on your side

We walked home together all the time from school and he would do something cute/funny/caring to make sure i was on the inside of the sidewalk when we were together, like he would twirl me around and guide me to the inside or tickle my side and jokingly push me to the inside of the sidewalk.

I guess not a typical flirt move but considering 99% of the I was walking to get anywhere him wanting me to be safe when we were together was so sweet.

We are not together and have never dated but that still is one of the top things on my list of sweet moments.

Even in school he’d walk on the outside cuz I always got shoulder checked by people passing by.

– Aure104

9. Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A

When I was 10 I received a love letter from a boy.

It contained a flower inside, and at the bottom of the letter he wrote some cheat codes for Mortal Kombat for me.

He knew I was always playing that game on my Sega.

– soybutteraddict

10. Snow bunnies

I’m British, and I came over to the States on a temporary work visa, to do “one” ski season with Vail Resorts.

I was bartending at an on mountain restaurant, and a couple of snowboarders come in and start talking to me. It came up that I was only there for the season, then one of them says “I’ll marry you so you can stay… but we have to go on a date first”.

… we just celebrated our 13 year anniversary, and I’m still in Colorado.

– sambob_squarepants

11. V**lence is the answer

“Hey do you want to help me throw fruit at my friends?”

– 16 year old boy at summer camp, holding a bunch of oranges, who wanted to meet me.

I was also 16 at the time.

– Razzmatazz12345

12. The soothing headache

I was in Chicago on business, got a horrible migraine, and had to cancel a meeting with a man I had met with (for work) the day before. I get really bad migraines, really, really bad.

After it was over I had to get a bit of food and something to drink, but it was very late and there was no way I would survive any kind of car/cab ride. He was the only person I knew in town, so I sent him a text to see if he knew of anything in my area that would be safe/open that late within walking distance.

He drove 30 min across town in the middle of the night to walk me to a 24hr restaurant and buy me dinner.

I’ve been with him for 11 years now.

– melillareal

13. You clean up nice

My first boyfriend came into the store where I was working and just straight up told me he had seen me through the window and needed to run home to clean up/put on something nice so he could come back and ask me on a date.

It was super endearing 🙂

– JawIsStronk

14. It’s a sign

Not me but my mum.

My mum and dad were set up by a friend of theirs.

My mum is completely deaf, upon being told this before he met her my dad went out and learnt as much sign language as he could before he met her…. my mum doesn’t know sign language… adorable and hilarious

– hecata678

15. Don’t let the sun go down

I like sunsets – they’re kind of my thing. I photograph them, have sold calendars about them. I just like sunsets.

Anyway… I was participating in a medical study, and we were sequestered to our room for 14 days.

The guy I liked would send me pictures of the sunset each night, because he didn’t want me to miss any.

– ceerz

16. The grocery gambit

Met my husband through a random roommates’ boyfriend.

I had met him a few times at this point and he spotted me unloading groceries from my car. He insisted on helping me carry everything in, and even just unloading everything onto the counters while asking about my day. It was incredibly easy to imagine dating him all of a sudden because I had a tiny glimpse into what my day-to-day could look like.

Jokes on him though, I now refuse to carry groceries in on principle.

Oh, how he rues the day.

– clearlyimawitch

17. This just in

A man I worked with asked me for my phone number. We had already been working together for a few weeks, and a mutual attraction was evident.
I pointed to the bulletin board behind him “…It’s on the wall there.”

“I know, but I want YOU to give it to me.”

I don’t think his intentions could have been more boldly nor charmingly stated.

We moved in together 3 weeks later and are still in love 25 years later

– StanleyQPrick

18. Shifting gears

When my husband and I started dating, he would do this thing when he shifted gears in his sh**ty little sentra. He would kinda of brush the back of his hand on the outside of my thigh as he shifted. I don’t know how to explain it but it was like fireworks everytime it happened.

We were riding in that car when I realized I could spend the rest of my life riding shotgun with him.

– poca_loca

19. Music always helps

The third time we hung out I went to his house. We were both in grad school and were talking in his room but I was exhausted from school and my 2 jobs. I was sitting on his bed and fell asleep. When I woke up he had put a blanket on me and was playing beautifully on the piano. I was so embarrassed cause I had drooled all over his pillow and surprised that he was so kind about the drool and not creepy about me being passed out on his bed.

We’ve been married for almost 4 years now and been together 8.

– Useful-Craft2754

20. The corny crooner

Was riding home with the friends group back in 2008. We stopped to drop off the one guy, and I got out to stretch.

I mentioned that the stars were so much more visible up there in the mountains and he said, “Yeah, they’re really pretty. Wish I had someone to watch em with.”

I’m a sucker for corny guys. We got married the next year and are celebrating 12 years this June.

– DeathChicken54

21. The crayon request

We met at a Halloween house party and when I was going to leave he walked me to the room with all the coats which also happened to be a kids room and he asked me “what color crayon would you like to write your phone number with?”

I married him. Celebrated 20 years.

– Constantlearner01

22. Would you look at the time?

first time i hung out at my current bfs house before we started dating. we were laying on the floor listening to records and he turned to ask me what time it was, i think it was four if i remember.

he then said “wow you’ve been here 4 hours and i haven’t kissed you yet?” still makes me smile, and needless to say, it worked very well.

– gjdsxx

23. Silly, playful, and direct

I once had a guy walk up to me at a bar and said, “hello, my name is Rob and I’ll be hitting on you tonight; what can I get you to drink”.

Silly, playful, and direct.

We dated for about eight months.

– aes7288

24. A nervous confidence

My former fiance (he passed away) went 100% cheesy pick up lines but in the goofiest way. He was nervous and I guess had no clue what to say so he went for broke lol.

It went from hello how are you? To a cheesy dad joke “why couldn’t the bicycle stand up on its own?” Too the cheesy pick up lines taps pockets like he’s looking for something “I… I lost my number can I have yours?”

Although I could tell he was nervous he had an air of confidence that I was drawn to and he had a great smile.

– Saya_Otonashi

25. The muse

We were walking quietly at night and he stopped, looked me in they eyes, and said “i think you just broke my writers block”

Not sure if it was a “technique” (it seemed genuine; when we parted ways he went home and wrote the first song he’d written in months).

Buuut it was super hot and i melted when he said it.

– canyonbreeeze

26. Knight in shining armor

I don’t know if it’s the best but it’s definitely the most memorable.

I was at the gym and had been honestly taking things to the extreme for a while and not listening to my body… I suddenly got very dizzy and my sight became white. On the realization that I was about to pass out, I slowly lowered myself down to the floor.

One of the guys working out came swooping in to grab me and prevent my head from hitting the floor. He lay me down and tried to get me to remain conscious, asking me all sorts of questions that required some concentration like what day of the week it is and who is the president.

When he saw that I was okay and recovering, his questions started getting flirty. What’s my name, what’s my number, now that he’s become my knight in shining armor, can he take me out on a date sometime.

It really made me laugh and feel better just by him being so light-hearted about it. He got my number.

– super-ro

27. The smooth kid

it was my first day in middle school and this kid asked to see my planner, i handed it to him and he flipped to the contact section and left me his name and number.

i’ll never forget how smooth he was

– f**kthatfrog

28. The jerky jerk

He bought me a giant bag of beef jerky

A few years later he was tossing pebbles at my dorm window with another bag of beef jerky and roses. He was a great boyfriend.

Ended up being a sh**ty husband though. Will always be in love with the person he was before that, however.

– all_hornets_must_die

29. Gotta catch ’em all

He said “i caught feelings for you” and i looked at him confused, but blushing He showed me my screen and that he had caught a Pokémon for me and gave it the nickname “feelings”

We are married and have 2 kids now

– Confusedcantaloop

30. Different expectations

Years and years ago I worked at florist where the owner illegally hired mostly Mexican girls in the states to learn English(they went to school, but worked for a rate that wasn’t even minimum wage). It was super shady, but I loved working with them. We would make up little games to teach me Spanish/them English.

Anyway, this Latin guy comes in one day and one of the girls is helping him. He wants to get a bouquet for a girl he likes, so she takes him around the store, showing him what she thinks are the best flowers. She wraps it all up for him and right as he pays, he writes his number on the paper and hand them to her!

I was floored, it was so smooth. She was completely unfazed, like oh that’s how men are like where I’m from, men don’t do that here?

I was like, uh nope

– NormanVename

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