There’s a lot of wisdom out there about physical attractiveness and shallowness and finding true.

The best of it, of course, came from Zoolander…

Would you pay $5000 to be extremely physically attractive? Why or why not?
byu/snowbunnyhunter01 inAskReddit

So, is there actually more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously attractive? Let’s see what Reddit has to say.

1. Up the ante.

Maybe I’m greedy, but this question makes me wonder what 10k could get me.

– PopularMonarchy

2. Very sweet.

No. The love of my life likes me the way I am.

– 314159265358979326

3. More trouble than it’s worth.

Nah, at my age it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

I actually appreciate a low profile at this point. Plus I have small boobs which is great for my back and I don’t have to wear a bra. What if I got big boobs? Seems like a lot of work to manage them.

I’d rather have $5,000.

To clarify: I actually like my AA boobs, but I figured there is a danger a part of me (e.g. rack) that might become more attractive while becoming less functional due to preferences. Didn’t mean to be mean to my fellow members of the itty bitty t*tty committee. – [deleted user]

4. Eye of the beholder.

Uh, can it be my version of me attractive? I really don’t want to be some super muscly dude.

Not sure what I’d want, but at least I’d want to be fairly androgynous and more cute than hot.

– OverlordQuasar

5. Absolutely.


I never fully recovered from Bell’s palsy from 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my first born.

My smile has a slight slant to it and my right eyebrow is dead. I miss my old face. I’ve accepted the way I look. My husband loves me and I’m ok.


– FreshJuice60

6. The social experiment.

I’d pay whatever the asking price is…because then I would be able to prove that in general, people prefer looks to personality, in that initial moment of meeting.

– ZeroPenguinParty

7. Gimme now!

I’m throwing money at the screen but nothings happening, what am I doing wrong?

– Glassclose

8. It all depends.

If I had the money and if I would always look that good yes. But if either of those are a no absolutely not.

I may not be perfect the way I am but I could be worse. Also you. Yes you. No matter what happens and no matter what you do you are beautiful and don’t give up.

If may be tough but you rock and deserve everything ☺️

– stacey_peanut

9. A bargain!

Just $5k?!

– MightyCaseyStruckOut

10. What a deal!

Would you pay $5000 to be extremely physically attractive? …

If so, imagine how good it will feel paying just a fraction of that price to take my course on how to convince people you are extremely physically attractive!!

– thescrounger

11. Plus benefits.

Yes. The benefits of being extremely attractive go far beyond 5k.

– gor8884

12. Broken barriers.

Not just healthier but it would open so many doors to make way more money.

Attraction is a barrier that keeps some people from getting promoted.

Sucks but that’s life.

– mr—jones

13. Nope!

Not a chance.

I’m already extremely physically attractive so it would be a waste of money.

Just don’t ask anyone other than me if it is true and we are good.

– Mindless_Attitude508

14. The real me.

I don’t know.

Does anyone else feel like looking any different than they do would be bizarre and surreal? I think I would miss myself, even though I don’t think I’m the most physically attractive.

On the other hand, I would probably be more confident if I looked like a baddie in the mirror every morning.

– inessenceasquirrel

15. Turned ’em down.

I was a plastic surgery nurse for over 10 years and turned down the perk of a yearly FREE plastic surgery procedure and also staved off the Allergan reps trying to fill my face and lips full of free filler and Botox. I just like me as is.. and rather look naturally aged than look like some plastic creature.

I’ve had my chance at being the “pretty young thing” and will gladly let that go with all the jealous female frenemies and stalking men that went with it ..good riddance to those annoyances lol.

That said – I use really good skincare to soften the blow and slow the aging some at least..

– Lolofortyfive45

16. Seems like a bargain.

I need at least $5000 more in dental work and also probably twice as much for surgery, just to look normalish again. $5k to fix everything would be magnificent!

Wouldn’t even need the whole ‘extremely attractive’ bit, but if that’s included, nice.

– MedusasSexyLegHair

17. Reverse!

It doesn’t say decent shape though, it just says extremely attractive.

It could be achieved by making everybody attracted to my fat unhealthy body.

– of_a_varsity_athlete

18. Easy for you to say.

“No no no, just be yourself! Looks aren’t everything!”

– The average very attractive person

– Princess_Moon_Butt

19. Give me a challenge.

Isn’t this supposed to be a tough choice?

Like you’re extremely physically attractive but you can’t stop farting whenever you smile or something

– Dainish410

20. There are downsides.


Because I’m finally at an age where I am comfortable in who I am. I prefer to not be the most noticed person in a room.

Being extremely attractive as a woman comes at a cost. Constant harassment by men, jealousy from women. Never going anywhere or doing anything inconspicuously.

I love being anonymous in public and prefer for people to find me attractive getting to know me.

– MustBeThursday42

21. Things change.

I wasn’t attractive or popular as a child, I was the last picked for the team and generally just a nothing.

Then there was a time in my life where I was very physically attractive. People treat you differently. People want to be your friend who sneered at you before. People want to be around you because of what it does for them, and their image. People who bullied you before suck up to you. People of the opposite sex pretend to like you and you think they are your friend but then they hit on you.

Now that I don’t look like that anymore I know that people who like me, genuinely like me for who I am.

– [deleted user]

22. Sign me up.

Dude, I would pay $50,000.

Nothing determines your success in life more than attractiveness.


– theAnalepticAlzabo

23. Not a collector’s item.

I have an extremely attractive friend and by that experience I wouldn’t want that life.

She has a lot of *ssholes around her and there has been a lot of jealousy in her relationships.

It’s like many people just want to collect and possess her to bump up their image

– theswamphag

24. A solid investment.

heck yeah, even in terms of just sheer money I’d absolutely make all that money back before too terribly long just in terms of what extra I’d make/save because people find me hot.

At the end of the day though, it would give me the push I need to get my confidence and turn myself around

– ParkityParkPark

25. Want to be known.


I’m decent enough looking now. Being attractive doesn’t matter and I don’t think I’d do well with more attention based on my appearance.

I want to be known, accepted, wanted, appreciated, and loved.

Being extremely physically attractive may open more doors, but it doesn’t guarantee ever being seen for more than just that.

– switchboards

26. Save that cash.

No. I’d rather spend the money on something else.

– PerfectParfait5

27. It’s a steal!

Even at like 100k it’s a steal. It’s a well documented phenomenon that attractive people are considered more frequently for promotion / raises at work and are more likely to be judged as having ‘leadership skills’ than average people.

Assuming you work a standard office job, it would pay back fairly quickly.

– Wind_Yer_Neck_In

28. The married life.

Nah, just because it’d be a waste.

I’d still be kinda old and married and thus, completely unf*ckable.

– TheRynoceros

29. Let’s haggle.

I would pay $1 to look remotely attractive.

– ThiccDaddy1198

30. What a twist!

Monkey’s Paw : OP didn’t specify physically attractive to what

– xaradevir

At this point I’d empty my bank account just to fit into my old jeans again. But apparently I have to “exercise” and “stop eating nachos for every meal” instead. What a rip off.

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