Is your kid scared of sharks? If so, you definitely don’t want to buy them this shark desk with huge glowing teeth. For everyone else, this desk is super cool!

The shark desk is sold by Cilek Kids Room, a company that specializes in imaginative furniture for children’s rooms. This desk features a huge-mouthed shark with rolling blue eyes. Its light-up teeth serve as lamps for reading or studying. Your kid will love sitting at their desk with this around, so it can help improve study habits and encourage imaginative play.

Photo Credit: Cilek Kids Room

“Cilek Pirate Shark Desk is the perfect desk for adventurous pirates,” the item description reads. “It is the most fun ever desk with rolling shark eyes. Features a molded shark body with illuminated teeth as reading lights.”

The shark desk is part of an entire collection of pirate-themed kids’ furniture. There’s a toy chest that looks like a treasure chest, a twin bed that looks like a pirate ship, and a desk chair with a skull-and-bones design.

The collection includes every little detail for your kids’ bedroom, including a nightstand, comforter, chest of drawers, bookcase, table lamp, and a more regular-looking wooden pirate desk. There’s even a pirate area rug with, of course, a treasure map.

Photo Credit: Cilek Kids Room

The shark desk costs $699. Cilek Kids Room also makes car beds, plus furniture specifically for young girls and teens.

What do you think? Something you’d spend the money on? Maybe make one yourself?

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