Is this cat even real? Okay, it’s real alright, and she is huge and glorious.

Lotus the Maine Coon cat has become a popular fixture on Instagram and now has more than 340K followers and for good reason: she looks like a mythical creature from another galaxy.

Let’s get to know this fine feline, shall we?

1. That is ENORMOUS.

Big girls bring big love.

2. Let the wind blow.

He looks like he’s really enjoying that!

3. What’s for dinner?

Are you sure that cat can’t cook its own dinner? Set up a camera and see.

4. Look at that length.

How big is that girl? 4 feet?

5. In her natural element.

All that hair has to be good for something!

6. The big yawn.

A foot wide!

7. Look at all that fur.

Taking “wind swept” to a new level.

8. Don’t eat my hand.

And I think Lotus actually could.


Do you like my big chonking pawpaws? Yeah you do.

10. Can I help you with something?

Go away now!

11. Carry ALL the kitty!

There’s so much hair there!

I mean, can we all agree that Lotus is one regal AF cat, right? Those Maine Coons are some attractive cats, wow!

Do you have a Maine Coon? Do you have two or three or ten? If you do, please share some pics in the comments.

Heck, share pics of all cats in the comments, regardless of what kind they are!

Post ALL the cats!