Parents teach their children invaluable skills that can help them succeed in the real world. Many parents do a great job making sure their children respect adults, other children, and authority figures.

But when it comes to pets, one thread explains that parents need to do a better job. Let’s check it out for details.

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What you see above is a toddler stepping on a full-grown dog. The dog obviously looks confused and it looks as if there’s potential for something to go very wrong.

The thread continues to elaborate:

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So why should children learn to respect pets? The thread mentions a few good reasons why:

4. Pets Can’t Talk

“Pets can’t speak using words.

Instead, they bark, meow, make other noises, scratch, or possibly bite in self-defense.

That’s the only way they can communicate their annoyances.”

3. Parents Need to Teach Their Kids Better

“Parents tend to be good at making kids stop hitting other kids, but many parents don’t correct children who hit, punch, or annoy their pets.

Teaching young children to respect pets is best for everyone involved.”

2. Even “Good Pets” Will Bite

“Aggressive behavior from pets is usually a result of human conduct or conditioning.

Children can learn that their behavior has consequences, but that doesn’t mean a dog is bad.”

1. Animals Usually Pay The Price

“Once a pet is labeled as “aggressive” for biting or scratching a child, they are usually punished.

This can range from a scolding to euthanasia.”

These all seem like great reasons to teach young children why they should respect pets.

Any thoughts or additional reasons why this is so important?

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