Have you ever heard someone make the argument that all food “goes to the same place,” so what does it matter what foods we pair together? While I have to agree in some circumstances (turkey and cranberry dressing together on Thanksgiving is a must), there are some food combinations that just go too far.

Take a look at these 18 truly horrendous foods…if you think you can stomach them.

1. Not all puns make good food.

2. Some things just shouldn’t come in tubes.

3. Who knows what could be lurking underneath that chili…

4. Need some spice in your tea?

5. Ham and cheese…egg rolls?

Photo Credit: Reddit: DexaAllimani

6. Why? Just…why?

7. When you combine Mexican and Italian cuisine…nobody wins.

Photo Credit: Reddit: Colinc103

8. This banana and honey on a hot dog bun doesn’t actually look too bad.

Photo Credit: Reddit: littlelung

9. A gamer’s dream come true.

10. Spagetti-o Jell-o? N-o.

11. This is scarier than Pennywise.

12. A complete breakfast.

Photo Credit: Reddit: cheesecleh

13. Sushi pizza.

14. Bananas and hard boiled eggs.

15. Pickle dogs.

16. Rainbow grilled cheese.

Photo Credit: Reddit: jpHovercraft

17. Pepto pasta. You know you’re gonna need it anyways.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ParryDox

18. And finally this…pizza?

Photo Credit: Reddit: peachysneak

Who’s hungry?