You see them hang together in big, smiley groups on Facebook and Instagram constantly.

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They go to each others weddings, barbecues and dinner parties. They sometimes go on vacation together.

It’s hard not to scroll by and not think about how you aren’t them and why you aren’t in those photos too.

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In this essay on Love What Matters, the writer tells us there’s more women outside of those images than there are in them. That we’re okay exactly as we are, whether we have multiple friend groups that resemble what we see on social media or just a few best friends.

We all see them, those groups of girls who have been best friends since high school who are all insanely beautiful and look like they are just doing life better than the rest of us. Always out with each other, in weddings, and their boyfriends are their friends. It’s all just so…cute. It may be difficult to not get jealous.

But know this, that there are far more girls like you, girls who don’t have a ‘tribe,’ girls who have many friends in different circles, or girls who have a few close friends. Who knows, you may have just one best friend and a couple of acquaintances. People who haven’t quite got the pleasure of getting to know just how wonderful you are yet.

The writer goes on to say it really doesn’t matter what the size of our friend circles are, as long as they are genuine and make us happy. Yet, she wants to send a message to the girls who have only a few close friends or a handful of acquaintances. That it has nothing to do with being unlikable.

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It’s the independent women who can be satisfied with making her own way in the world without the commitment of a large circle of friends.

“If you make enough music, people will dance. They may dance with you for a season, or for your entire life.”

She encourages all of us to see our strengths and know there are more people on the outside of these big friend groups than we realize. We should nurture the friendships we have and be thankful for the people who pass in and out of our lives. And, remember, above all, we’re not alone.

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