Sometimes there’s a feeling inside you so human that strangely enough it feels the best way to express it is with non-human creatures. Seems that’s a whole subgenre of memes in this day and age – cute animals paired up with our deepest fears and anxieties to produce a cathartic experience that simply can’t be beat.

Here are ten feels, naturally expressed in meme form.

10. What do we say to texts?

“Not today.”

9. Too chicken?

Are you not bawk-bakawk?

8. Belt it out

This part counts as a workout, right?

7. Howl will I go on

There are two wolves in me and they really just take turns at naps.

6. Bull crap

I am cow, and sad time is now.

5. On the bright side

That face when you definitely got cursed by some sort of witch.

4. Oh the huge manatee

I’d listen to him if I were you kid, he seems to know what’s up.

3. Cuddle puddle

Ah yes…affection…what a splendid thing I definitely know how to enjoy…

2. Time travel

Wait, why does Bugs Bunny wear a shirt but only to bed?

1. Morning glory

Listen pal, further research is needed before we start jumping to conclusions.

These animal memes are definitely better at expression than my cat, who is currently just staring at me in a daze from across the room like he has been all afternoon. He could learn something from these guys.

Which is better, animals or humans?

Tell us your opinion in the comments.