Maybe this is coming from out of left field, but I thought the purpose of real estate photos was to actually try to SELL A HOUSE.

But what do I know?!?!

Check out these bad and weird real estate photos that were actually posted online and see for yourself.


1. Looks nice and cozy.

Hopefully those stairs don’t collapse…

2. What’s hanging from the ceiling?

Seems like a reasonable question.

3. Welcome to Mickey’s house.

A little weird, to be honest.

4. Who painted this bathroom?

I’m kind of scared…

5. Works like a charm.

Whatever works…

6. His and hers.

Some epic cooking going on in here.

7. Some interesting choices.

Are you a fan of pink?

8. Words to live by.

You gotta love it!

9. Have a seat.

This place looks comfortable.

10. This is a disgrace.

Imagine what’s growing on that floor.

Have you ever seen any terrible real estate listings?

If you have, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!