In this day and age, people tend to think of almost everything as disposable. If something breaks, or gets dirty beyond the point of a simple wash, or just doesn’t work the way it used to, we’re inclined to throw it away and get a new one – probably delivered the next day by Amazon.

These people hung onto their stuff, though, and it’s pretty amazing how long some things will last if you just give them a chance.

Check out these 14 examples and prepare to be amazed!

14. One of those girls loves hard.

And the other is more inclined to anxiety, I think.

A tale of 2 teddies- my sister and I both got them at the same time, ~18 years ago. from Wellworn

13. They got their money’s worth out of those.

It’s crazy how the color faded.

My Vans and my new Vans (same color) from Wellworn

12. Look how much sun that hat took for that guy!

That hat is actually a hero.

Brand new vs. five years of carrying mail. from Wellworn

11. It was definitely time for a new one.

Imagine how great their neck is going to feel tonight!

X-mas of 2019 I got two pillows and used 1 of them every night for a year from Wellworn

10. Ok but that’s really kind of gross.

Just imagining everything smeared on those bills.

500 circulated $1 bills next to 500 uncirculated $1 bills from interestingasfuck

9. You’re going to have to invest in a case.

At least if this is a normal week’s studying.

Does this count? Highlighter after a week of nonstop studying from Wellworn

8. This brings back memories.

Who among us 80s babies didn’t love one of these cups?

The Disney cup I had in my cupboard vs. the brand new one that I picked up at an antique shop today from Wellworn

7. Those things have served him well.

It’s time to put them out for a well-needed rest.

About time I bought some new work boots from Wellworn

6. Twenty years is a good run for a brush.

No complaints here, I suppose.

Same brush head 20 years apart. Definitely owes us nothing. from Wellworn

5. I honestly cannot believe this is real.

The one on the left looks like it was always a filet knife!

The knife at the left was used by a butcher for 5 years straight. The one at the rightis the exact same knife, but brand new. from Damnthatsinteresting

4. That’s a man’s wallet right there.

I bet he was sorry to let it go.

My dad bought these wallets 25yr ago and just switched to the second for Xmas from Wellworn

3. That thing was literally about to fall apart.

I feel like that could have been a fire hazard.

My wood fired oven brush after a year of heavy use vs a new one from Wellworn

2. He’s racked up lots of stories.

Some of them I’m sure none of us would like to hear.

My dad’s old fire helmet beside his new one from Wellworn

1. That’s a legacy right there.

I feel like he should have taken the original to school with him, for luck.

1990 vs 2020 My dads college hat vs my future college hat from Wellworn

I’ve definitely hung onto some favorite shoes for this long and I felt like I needed to have a funeral.

What about you? What have you used for way longer than you expected? Tell us about it in the comments so we can all celebrate together.