Oh no…the Bridezillas are back and they’re angrier than ever!

And that’s really, REALLY bad news for the people who actually have to put up with their bulls**t and deal with all of their demands.

What is it about people (not only women) that are about to get married that makes them turn into total monsters?

It seems to happen a lot, don’t you think?

Meet 12 entitled brides who felt like they didn’t have to pay for all sorts of things.

How charming!

1. Listen, you’re gonna have to pay for your own seat.

Are we clear about that?

Guests will have to pay for their seat because bride and groom aren’t rich.
byu/crazybirdlady1990 inweddingshaming

2. Taking things a little bit too far.

What else can I get for you?

I think this is a little too far. Now Venmo and PayPal QR codes on a shirt to “Buy the Bride a Drink”
byu/Gelala01661 inweddingshaming

3. Hand over the cold, hard cash.

Well, what’s the point in being subtle?

Seen on a wedding planning FB group
byu/pippoppippop inweddingshaming

4. This is pretty darn trashy.

Sorry, I had to say it.

Spotted in the wild: Begging strangers for money for the bachelorette party.
byu/OublietteOttoman inweddingshaming

5. This is pretty weird.

Why do y’all want so much free stuff?

“Why won’t my friend work for free?!”
byu/Kaos_in_a_box inweddingshaming

6. This is not gonna end well.

I just have a feeling about this one…

When the bride shows her true colors about why she’s having a wedding
byu/glasssa251 inweddingshaming

7. Do you think profiting off of your guests is classy?

Let us know!

Profiting off your guests
byu/itsbeenalongtimelurk inweddingshaming

8. Have you ever heard of anything like this before?!?!

This is pretty wild…and not in a good way…

Beggar Bride asks stranger to be bridesmaid because she gives expensive gifts – from wedding shaming FB page
byu/NothappyJane inChoosingBeggars

9. Let me lay out the terms…

Well, this really went off the rails…

Bride wants specific free stuff but only on her specific terms
byu/idkwhatsgoingonagain inweddingshaming

10. I’m not hosting a reception!

What kind of an idea is that?!?!

Bride refuses to host reception for 100-person “micro wedding”
byu/rachelleybell inweddingshaming

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