10 Disney Parks Dining Hacks You Should Know if You Plan to Go

Disney dining is part of the experience. But there are ways to make eating at Disney parks better, faster and more fun.

Scroll through these 10 hacks and make them a part of your next Disney plan!

1. Don’t worry about buying bottled water

Forget pricy bottles of water. Any food stand or restaurant will give you a cup of water for free.

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2. Don’t use a meal credit from your deluxe meal plan for breakfast

It’s better to either buy breakfast out of pocket or use a snack credit for fruit or something light. Then use the extra credit for a double meal at a Signature Dining place.

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3. Eat for free

Disney offers free dining promotions on select ticket packages during their offseason, like the Fall.

Yeah, literally free food.

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4. Use any leftover credits at the end of your visit

Make meals or snacks to go from your resort’s food court! Thanks Mickey! Also, leftover snack credits can be used to buy packaged food items from resort candy shops and gift shops.

How about a Mickey-shaped Rice Krispie Treat or a bag of mouse gummies for the road?

5. Anyone can order off the kid’s menu!

If you’re getting a burger or nuggets, always order them from the kid’s menu. It’s way cheaper, and you’ll save room to eat all of those delicious, Instagramable snacks.

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6. Ask if your child can use a credit for an adult-sized meal.

Most restaurants will allow it and you get a lot more food for your credit.

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7. Hack your Dole Whip at Disneyland with a sprinkle of Tajin powder.

Get the ground chili peppers, salt, and dehydrated lime juice seasoning at Tropical Imports or the Tiki Juice Bar.


8. Make dining reservations early

Not only can you get your preferred character meals and dinner shows, but if you can’t make the reservations, you can always cancel. OR you can reduce your party size.

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9. Bring Disney dining home with recipes of signature dishes on the Disney blog.

Like this recipe for Disney churro tots.

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10. If you are on a meal plan, you can order shakes or smoothies as your included drink.

You’re not stuck with just soft drinks.


Disney food is so Instagrammably yummy.

Get the Disney app for mobile ordering and use these hacks to get the most out of your foodie adventures!