Weddings. They’re a lot of fun and a lot of stress. But they can ultimately be a lovely memory for everyone involved if you just follow the general rule of not being the worst. Unfortunately, people frequently fail on this point.

Check out these ten weddings fails that are 100% guaranteed to make you facepalm.

10. The un-invite

“Don’t come to our wedding, but definitely give us money.”

9. Bare minimum

I have literally never heard of anyone doing this before. Absolutely jaw dropping.

8. Just spoilt

I kind of hate everyone in this situation?

7. Classy moves

Gotta admire the weapons grade load of audacity here.

6. Here comes the bride?

Literally the one thing everyone knows you don’t do.

5. I am inevitable

Apparently this is what he was up to between those two movies.

4. Graduation blues

You do know that she’s married to him and not you, right?

3. You’re in

I’m less upset by the fact that someone made this and more upset that they’re trying to SELL it.

2. Dude, run

Nothing worse than co-opting legitimate mental illness to justify your nonsense. That’s not OCD, you’re just selfish and vain.

1. That special day

I’ve heard of stealing thunder but this is taking the whole sky with you.

If you’ve got a wedding coming up, don’t be extra. If you are, you might end up in a compilation like this, living on in infamy for always.

What’s the worst wedding experience you’ve ever had?

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