Oh, billionaires. What would we do without them? Seriously, what would that be like? Maybe we should seriously considering finding out what that would be like. Because it’s hard to express just how much a billion dollars actually is, and what it means for one person to have that sort of wealth.

To help us better understand, here are some funny memes and just random fun facts. You know. For the lols.

13. Sweet ride

Fun fact: according to Car and Driver, it takes the average American more than five years to pay off a car loan.

12. YOU get a stress!

Fun fact: Oprah has the same net worth as around 30,000 of her typical viewers combined.

11. A taxing situation

Fun fact: according to the New York Times, Donald Trump paid $750 in federal taxes in 2016. I paid over $2,000 that year.

10. Never gonna let you down

Fun fact: if you stacked one billion dollar bills on top of each other, the pile would be more than 12 times higher than Mt. Everest.

9. Billion dollar ideas

Fun fact: there are a couple thousand billionaires in the world. Their combined wealth outweighs that of around 60% of humanity combined.

8. Making it happen

Fun fact: billionaires are almost always either born rich or given mass amounts of investment capital on which to build their fortunes.

7. In bloom

Fun fact: Mike Bloomberg lost over a billion dollars in his Presidential campaign and yet is still the 16th richest person in the world according to Forbes.

6. Frozen treats

Fun fact: according to Business Insider, working full 8 hour days 5 days a week, it would take a Dairy Queen clerk about a year and a half to make what Warren Buffet makes every single minute he’s alive.

5. Gucci gang

Fun fact: their combined net worth is higher than the GDP of 137 countries.

4. Getting schooled

Fun fact: according to the National Center for Education Statistics, college tuition is about 10 times more expensive now than it was in the 80’s, and that’s adjusted for inflation.

3. Share the wealth

Fun fact: according to multiple studies, money does actually make you happier – up to the point where the lack of it is no longer a cause of stress. After that, it does nothing for our emotional wellbeing.

Via: cheezburger

2. Shop ’till you drop

Fun fact, according to ABC News, Nike’s earnings went up by 10% during the Kaepernick inspired “boycott” in 2018.

1. Musk you do that?

Fun fact: if Elon Musk stopped earning money completely and started spending $1,000 every single minute, it would take him around 18 years to go broke.

So. Yanno. Just some stuff to think about.

What would you do with you had a billion dollars?

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