I’m not much of a craftsman. I can’t really make anything physical besides, I dunno, a sandwich, and obviously that’s not built to last.

So I’ve got no room to point fingers at people who DO make things. And yet I’m going to. I’m going to point all my fingers at the people who made the stuff in this list today. All the fingers, all the thumbs, all the toes. I’m going to arrange my limbs in an accusatory posture so novel and absurd that I will look almost as unforgivably ridiculous as these creations themselves.

See, there’s this Instagram account called @uglydesign and they showcase, well, ugly designs. But “ugly” doesn’t really cover it. These things are cursed.

10. This Chihuahua taco platter

I feel like this thing is begging me to kill it because it knows it shouldn’t be.


9. These oversized undies

I have so many questions and I don’t want any of them answered.


8. This sandpit home office

Oh cool! I was looking for a fun way to forever ruin all of my floors.


7. This cigarette guitar

When you really wanna celebrate that lung cancer.


6. This kitchen “island”

Ain’t nobody gonna be taking any vacations on that thing.


5. These jean sweats

Just who do you think you’re foolin’?


4. The cool S table

Ok I might actually kind of love this.


3. This lawnmower under lighting

For when you gotta flex on the other dads.


2. This “slide”

Thanks, Satan.


1. And finally, this toilet

When you gotta go, and you gotta go extreme.


I need to go rinse my eyes out with soap.

Would you actually buy any of these things? Which ones and why?

Tell us in the comments.