Isn’t it strange how often you find that the experiences you thought were unique to your own life are also shared with so many others?

And I’m not just talking about emotional experiences, I mean literally just the little junk that became a part of our upbringing was also part of the upbringing of nearly all of our peers.

The little things we’ve forgotten about by name until someone brings them up again.

Today, we’re here to bring them up again.

15. An absolute life saver

Just like Jesus would have wanted.

Christmas Life Savers Book from nostalgia

14. On the map

What is it today? Does every kid just have a screen?

School maps over the whiteboard. from nostalgia

13. These specific baskets

Where did they come from? No one knows.

Paper plate holders. from nostalgia

12. Chiclets

For when you want tiny gum only.

Who remembers Tiny Sized Chiclets? from nostalgia

11. Meet the Flintstones

I think around half of all Americans are convinced this is the only medicine you’ll ever need.

Flintstones vitamins from nostalgia

10. Zip ’em off

The long and short of it is…well, these.

"zip off" shorts from nostalgia

9. Never had a friend like me

They ported this game to every single system in like a ten year span.

Anyone played Aladdin? from nostalgia

8. I’m lovin’ it?

Believe it or not, people used to smoke just everywhere all the time.

McDonald’s Ash Tray from nostalgia

7. Come on down!

And you’d be dreaming of one day being on the show yourself.

Having to watch The Price is Right when you stayed home sick from school. from nostalgia

6. Shh!

Don’t shush me, lady.

A piece of childhood that meant warm and fuzzy memories. Gracie Films logo. from nostalgia

5. This guy

His name was probably meebles or something.

Sand-filled, glittery, rainbow lizards. from nostalgia

4. Table the discussion

Inexpensive and efficient.

The Dining Room Table & Chairs That Everyone Seemed to Have from nostalgia

3. Double bubble

Water you waiting for?

Bubblicious Watermelon Bubble Gum from nostalgia

2. Cartoon Cartoons!

Man, what a rush.

The Golden Age Of Cartoon Network (1998-2005) from nostalgia

1. The Pagemaster

Something about the animation in this movie always weirded me out.

Does anyone remember The Pagemaster? from nostalgia

See, what did I tell ya? We all had the same life, somehow.

What are you most nostalgic for right now?

Tell us in the comments.