I have something to tell you: I’m terrible with names.

Like absolutely awful

I’ll meet someone and literally 30 seconds later I’ll forget their name.

Sorry, I don’t mean to insult anyone!

It just is what it is

Take a look at these tweets from people who got names wrong in a major way.

1. Not so ordinary.

Oh, never mind.

2. Goat Free.

Whatever works…

3. This is not good.

Poor kid.

4. I kind of like this idea.

Makes things easier.

5. Which do you prefer?

I kind of like Chocolate!

6. Very close…

In the same ballpark.

7. Praise be to Harold.

The big guy upstairs.

8. Sorry about that!

I think I might like Ugly better…

9. Hello, Internet.

It’s a beautiful name.

10. Don’t call her that!

That’s not very nice.

Have you ever done this?

If so, tell us what happened in the comments.

Don’t hold back now!