As I sit here typing, my mom and dad’s dog is sitting on the couch staring at me…

I think she either wants to go for a walk or she wants some food…

Either way, I must obey her commands…because our dogs and cats run our lives.

And I mean that in the best way possible!

So go ahead and enjoy these funny tweets about our furry friends.

1. It’s gray.

Does that answer your question?

2. This is great!

Good dog!

3. I’m scared.

Very, very scared…

4. They heard you.

Loud and clear.

5. I’m in love!

This is my spirit animal.

6. Pretty much.

You nailed it!

7. That’s a huge red flag.

Better go check on that!

8. Sums it up.

That’s why we love them!

9. Be on the lookout.

That’s a dog, FYI.

10. A very special case.

Looks cozy.

Do you have any furry friends at home?

If so, share some good pics with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!