Hey parents, we want you to level with us…

Are you burned out? Exhausted? Frustrated?

Or maybe everything is just coming up roses with your kids right now?

Whatever the case, we think you’re gonna love these tweets about the parenting life.

Take a look!

1. America comes through again.

Sugar overload!

2. Shut your mouth!

Haven’t felt that alive in a long time.

3. Pretty different, huh?

Funny how that works.

4. Now you know.

But it would have been nice to know about this a long time ago.

5. Gonna be gruesome.

We’re pulling for you.

6. Ha! This is good.

She showed him.

7. This is a brilliant idea.

You know they’d make a lot of cash.

8. Gotta be on alert.

They’re all the same.

9. You’ll get over it.

Toughen up!

10. Now we’re all confused…

Does this make sense to you?

How’s it going in your household?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks a lot!