Like many people out there these days, I would rather book an Airbnb than a hotel when I travel. It makes you feel like you have your own space, but also a little bit less like a tourist and more like a visitor.

For some reason I also feel like the spaces are more clean and sanitary, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

All places you stay have rules and stipulations, as well as less formal things like requests, and we expect them and do our best to follow them (if we value our guest rating).

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That said, I think we’re all about to agree that this Airbnb host pay have gone just a bit overboard.

A woman named Tiffany learned this the hard way when she checked into an Airbnb that turned out to be worthy of a TikTok (and that TikTok accumulated over 1.5 million views.

In her followup video, she explained that while typically she’s grateful for Airbnb hosts that are very specific about their expectations up front, she soon realized that this went way above and beyond anything she had seen before.

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There were notes all over the house. They were wildly detailed, explaining (with a diagram) what each button the remote was for, how to use the vent, and also what a storage bin could be used for as well.

When Tiffany used a glass in her room for water, the host informed her that was “the wrong glass” for drinking and was meant for her toothbrush.

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Likewise, she was informed that the dishwasher was preferable to hand-washing.

The internet was split on whether or not the excessive notes were warranted, creepy, or totally controlling – some figured she left each note after being asked a similar question in the past and not being keen on doing it again, while others didn’t understand why anyone would be unclear on how to use a vent.


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Either way, if you’re an Airbnb host you might want to think twice before giving unsolicited information that kind of assumes your guests are total idiots.

That’s just this writer’s opinion, though.

What’s yours? Tell us in the comments how you would have reacted to checking into a place like this!