Those teenage years sure are tough, aren’t they?

And that goes double for parents of teenagers!

Because they’re really going through it!

Check out these tweets from parents of teens and try to sympathize with them, okay?

1. That’s good parenting!

Feel free to use this.

2. Not gonna happen.

Don’t even think about it!

3. Good news!

Dodged a bullet there.

4. That’s the way it works.

Have fun with that!

5. Stop it, Mom!

It’s a no-win situation…

6. It’s terrifying.

We wish you luck…

7. Now you get it.

Makes perfect sense!

8. Poor kid.

I hope he recovers…

9. Not for you.

That one hurts.

10. Pretty much.

Makes sense, right?

How are your kids doing?

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