I’m all a’twitter about Twitter. Most of the time.

For as much complaining as I do about it, I still find myself there often, fighting the (good?) fight, seeking out gems, shouting into the digital void and listening to the satisfying echoes.

It’s quite a remarkable place. And probably the best thing about it is the jokes.

Here are ten such jokes to brighten up your day.

10. You know the dryl

More medicines need to take this approach to healing.


9. Time flies

But I ain’t gonna be flying anywhere for quite a while.

8. Channel your frustrations

Weirdly, the ratio of good stuff to awful stuff really hasn’t changed at all.

7. Muscle my way in

Sounds like they’re trying to be your weird little wingman?

6. Niche markets

WHATEVER your interests, there is most certainly a video for you.

5. Father’s Day

Let’s be real though, we don’t really care very much about it on the whole.

4. Blue ribbon celebrations

In these dark times, we’ll take all the joy we can get.

3. Lives of the uber rich

All that space and your girlfriend is still gonna push you over the edge in the middle of the night.

2. What are you, chicken?

Remember when THAT was the great controversy of our time? America is real weird.


1. Share and share alike

Excuse me while I hire a scientist to find me a way to unsay all of that.


Wherever humanity goes from here, there will never be another place quite like Twitter, with all its wonderfully weird little jokes.

Who are your favorite people to follow there?

Tell us in the comments.