Why the long face, pal?

Whatever the reason is for your blues, we’re gonna turn it around right this instant!

Enjoy these funny tweets and prepare to have your frown turned upside down.

Go ahead and check it out now!

1. You just ruined the mood.

Nice job…

2. What are we getting into?

I’m not sure about this…

3. And making their debut tonight!

Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

4. Kind of creepy when you think about it.

Are you threatening me?

5. Let’s just end it.

I’m tired of those things.

6. Shhh! Quiet!

You’re not supposed to do that, FYI.

7. Yeah, it’s pretty much over.

Sad, but true…

8. You might be getting that wish soon.

Not looking great…

9. Why should I bother talking?

Seems kind of pointless.

10. Looks uncomfortable.

Is your neck sore?

What are some funny tweets that you’ve seen lately?

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