Some failures are so blatant that they kind of go the long way around to becoming a success.

Take this for example. Remember in those old, high-score-based, survival video games where you’d run out of digits and the whole thing who flip around to zero?

That’s sort of how I feel about this particular collection of tweets. There’s a lot going wrong here. And a lot going right.

Let’s take a look!

10. The time this guy did a roach prank

Some of the noises made here are just magnificent.

9. This sick pickup line

Maybe if you were the last man on earth?

8. This desperate attempt

Congratulations, you win a gold medal in whatever this nonsense is.

7. This person who felt seen

But probably not in the way they wanted to.

6. This product review

Well, can’t say the image is inaccurate.


5. This faceswap

I have so many confusing feelings right now.

4. This super rude director

Props to this guy for just rolling with it.

3. This very strict mama

He didn’t even say the word, geez.

2. This guy who tried

Congrats, you did the bare minimum.

1. This doggo who’s had enough

Just give him the dang food, bruh.


See what I mean? Kind of failures. Kinda glorious. Kinda what this big broad internet of ours is all about.

Who are your favorite people to follow on Twitter? Is there anyone you used to follow you don’t think is worth it anymore?

Give us all your twitter hot takes in the comments and let’s go find some gold, why don’t we.