Have you been having yourself a bit of a struggle day? Well, you’re certainly not alone in that. Plenty of us are doin’ a struggle, though for many of us it’s not super public.

For those who put their struggle in tweet form, however? Well now that’s the whole world’s business. And we’re more than happy to be invited in, to laugh and commiserate with those who just can’t today.

These are ten random tweets that really prove that the struggle is, in fact, real.

10. This guy who couldn’t quite get a compliment

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to take that, but alright.

9. This person who made a real bad prediction

Boy we thought we had it bad back then…we had no idea.

8. This god-awful tinder bio

Everything about this makes we want to physically run away from my phone.

7. This unnerving job opportunity

I don’t even know how you would find that much to say about them.

6. This very faded wedding guest

Come on, we haven’t even gotten to the Cha Cha Slide yet.


5. This perfect Craigslist ad

I need to know the story behind this.

4. This awkward conversation with mom

Well? Why did it?

3. This total shut down

And apparently they didn’t even believe him.


2. This auto-caption disaster

I kinda feel like this is not accurate.

1. This real bad journal entry

That’s why you don’t go snooping into peoples’ private thoughts.

That’s about as real as the struggle gets. But remember, we’re all in your corner. And we’re all laughing.

What’s been your struggle bus lately?

Tell us in the comments.