If you really want to know, time is the most valuable thing you have.

Here are the 10 truths about the time you have and why you can’t waste a minute of it.

1. Everyone has an expiration date.

You don’t know when it is, but face this truth: you and everyone you know will eventually die.

2. Money won’t make you happier.

You’ll just have bigger stuff and more of it. That alone won’t make you happy.

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3. Don’t waste time chasing happiness.

Instead, use your limited time to connect to the inner happy you already have.

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4. Donating your money is not as effective as donating your time.

Spend time helping others. Your brain will celebrate and your perceptions on life will change for the good.

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5. You can’t make everyone happy.

Learn to value yourself.

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6. You aren’t perfect and never will be.

Perfection creates negative feelings about yourself and your world. Develop your intutition and challenge your negativity.

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7. Acknowlege your feelings.

Especially those that are creating problems for you. It’s more effective than using your intellect for solving your issues.

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8. Actions really do speak louder than words.

Hold yourself accountable for the things you do. Use your actions for love and acceptance.

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9. At the end of your life, you will be thinking about your relationships.

Make sure your final moments are peaceful ones knowing you have strong connections with the people closest to you.

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10. Talent only counts if you are persistent and practice constantly.

A lot of talented people have nothing to show for it because they never tried.

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The time you have in the world is your responsibility. Make the most of it.