Remember Duke? The dog found abandoned along with a note?

The heartbreaking situation went viral last year. People couldn’t get over Duke’s sad story, including U.S. Army Specialist Wallace White.

Awhile back, Duke was found tied to a tree along with a pitiful note at the North Linwood entrance to Patterson Park in Baltimore.

The note said:

“My name is Duke.

Here’s my favorite toy and my food.

I am looking for a new home.”

Soon after he was found, he ended up at the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). He was lucky. Several familes quickly asked about meeting him for a potential adoption.

But, BARCS Animal Shelter had an update on Duke.

They posted on Facebook,

“This is the BEST ending – no, beginning – for our big buddy Duke.

Thank you, Baltimore, for saving this handsome boy.”

White was ultimately chosen to take Duke to his forever home.

It was a wonderful end to a story that started off so sadly.

Staffers at BARCS took the opportunity to remind people it’s always better to surrender animals to their local shelters instead of abandoning them in parks or roadsides.

BARCS Spokeswoman Bailey Deacon told CBS Baltimore:

“As always, our message to the community is that BARCS is an open admission shelter.

We accept animals without judgement and we are here to help pet owners in crisis.

If ever you can’t keep your pet, you can bring them right down to the shelter.”

And, of course, if you’re looking to add a pet to your home, consider starting with your local shelter. So many animals wait for new homes.

Maybe, you can give one of them space in your home?

Think about it…