You ever feel like you spent years and years of your life in school and just learned all the wrong things?

Like, thanks for the bit about the mitochondria and how to solve a quadratic equation, but wtf is this blinking light on my dashboard and which god do I need to make a sacrifice to in order to get it to stop?

Well, worry not, because the internet is here to complete your education with these 10 helpful charts.

12. How to Survive a Drowning

Helpful whether you’re constantly running from the mob or just like to go swimming a lot.

11. Jumping a Car

There’s a step before this and it’s: make sure you’ve got cables in your trunk.

10. Stop Your Dog From Choking

Cause you know he eats absolutely everything he finds.

9. A Guide to Napping

Finally, an educational topic that really matters to me.

8. Sewing a Button

Cause things around here are always poppin’ off.

7. How to Google Properly

When you absolutely positively have gotta find that very specific thing.

6. The Light Guide

Panic no more, for knowledge is power.

5. The Code

Now you, too, can be as clear as possible.

4. Breaking Down a Door

To be used only when absolutely necessary, of course.

3. Wood Types

And how they can help you.

2. Building a Campfire

For spooky story time.

1. Ice Thickness Guide

If you’re a duck you don’t even need to bother reading this.

And now we can all go about our days just a little bit smarter.

What’s your best piece of general advice?

Leave it for us in the comments.