We often don’t think about details when we’re watching a movie because we’re focused on the story and the characters, so hearing about how the magic came to the screen is fascinating.

Start popping the popcorn and look out for these 10 hidden stories from these iconic movie moments. These surprised even me, a huge movie buff!

1. Well played

The only girl in Dumbledore’s army in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) who isn’t wearing a skirt is Ginny. Her pants are likely hand-me-downs from her brothers.

An interesting bit of character development.

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2. Translation please

The language the aliens speak in Men in Black (1997) is the same language  Jabba the Hutt speaks in the Star Wars movies.

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3. Symbolism

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), anyone who attempts to kill Indy is wearing a flower on their lapel.

Who knew flowers could be sinister.

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4. Well deserved

In Deadpool 2 (2018), Ruth Bader Ginsberg is one of the people considered for a spot.

She is a legend and would have been a great member of the team.

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5. Clever

You can notice new things every time you watch The Matrix.

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6. It’s the eyes TBH

The little girl with Angelina Jolie is her daughter.

She was cast because the children auditioning were afraid of Angelina in the makeup, but her daughter wasn’t.

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7. That’s deep

The reason Bruce Wayne isn’t wearing a mask at the masked ball is because he thinks of Batman as his real identity and Bruce Wayne his disguise.

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8. Clever

Asterix shows a number to Obelix with his hand by presenting the Roman numeral instead of a number of fingers in Asterix Conquers Rome (1976)

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9. Chilling

In Inglorious Bastards (2009), the Colonel holds the wrists of the women to take their pulses and uncover their anxiety.

He’s trying to detect if they are hiding something.

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10.That explains it

The community in Moana (2006) return from their travels wearing tattoos because they learned how to do them while they were away.

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From now on I’m going to be wondering about the back stories of movies as I watch them.

What’s your favorite little-known trivia about a movie? Let us know in the comments.