We’re back at it again with some funny tweets about moms and dads doing their thing!

And also included are those pesky little kiddos who are usually up to no good.

Are you ready for some funny parenting tweets?

Let’s get started!

1. That is creepy.

Kids are just creepy in general.

2. That’s a good one!

You’ve mastered it.

3. I said no!

You need to do this while cleaning.

4. Gonna be a great trip.

The Target roller coaster is currently under construction.

5. That’s not good.

Sorry, lady!

6. No respect in that house.

One day they’ll understand…

7. Deeeep thoughts.

Now you’re gonna be even later.

8. All parents need this book.

You’re doing great!

9. How could you have known?

This is gonna get ugly.

10. We’re praying for you.

Good luck…

How are your kiddos treating you lately?

Give us an update in the comments.

Thanks a ton!