Some people think the modern world is timeless.

We don’t want to think about how fragile our existence really is or how many generations of things and people have come before us that are now nothing but dust and bones.

Sometimes, though, we run across images of just that that can’t be denied, and we’re forced to admit not only our own mortality, but also that they can look really cool.

After checking out these 10 photos, I’m actually feeling like maybe letting nature have me back one day won’t be so bad.

1. Everybody’s favorite seat.

A lot of butts have been right there.

Exact center seat, 3rd row from the back of the theater gets a lot of use
byu/toddhenderson inmildlyinteresting

2. We all know kids are hard on things.

Here is the irrefutable proof, though.

A seesaw (teeter-totter) in my local playground where thousands of little feet have worn through the asphalt.
byu/swannykk inmildlyinteresting

3. That’s a lot of love, y’all.

I have to imagine that’s exactly the sort of life a doll would want.

This is the same doll, one after 32 years of love, the other still pristine
byu/shanbamf inWellworn

4. They really should make those things out of stronger stuff.

You know they’re going to get grabbed day in and day out.

This whiteboard eraser has definitely seen more than its fair share of use.
byu/iammandalore inWellworn

5. Glad this is of times gone by.

But I wish we weren’t still feeling the effects as a society.

Faded sign from the “War on Drugs” era
byu/FF7_Expert inmildlyinteresting

6. There’s no denying the Romans built things to last.

Is it weird that I want to try these on?

1,800 year old Roman leather sandals on display at Vindolanda fort in Northumberland, England
byu/Stotallytob3r inmildlyinteresting

7. There is so much to look at in this photo.

I’m stuck on the word “sparkling,” to be honest.

60 year old unopened Pepsi bottle
byu/NoodleSoupShark5 inmildlyinteresting

8. And you thought your pumpkins were rotten.

Consider this your reminder to throw them in the trash.

This jack o lantern with mold growing from inside
byu/SnapDragon0420 inoddlyterrifying

9. Iron is stronger than brick.

Here is the proof, friends.

Years of a lock grinding on a brick
byu/posty_co inmildlyinteresting

10. So many kids have used this. That’s awesome.

It looks like it’s fading right into the past.

The one and only basketball that lives at the local park and somehow still bounces.
byu/sangallium inWellworn

Honestly, I live for running across things like this in everyday life. It kind of takes your breath away.

Do you have a favorite image from this list? Let us know which one it was in the comments!