We often joke about wishing something would ruin our robust appetite for food, because a big meal or scrumptious dessert can be one of the hardest things to enjoy in moderation – even though we know that for our health, that’s exactly what we need to do.

We don’t really mean it, though, because who would want to lose their appetite forever?

Not this girl, but I’ve gotta say…if you’re looking to avoid heading back for a second brownie, a scroll through this list of 14 stomach-turning foods just might help you out.

1. I want to scoff at the idea that this is “American” food.

And yet, I can definitely see it in Walmart here.

[deleted by user]
by inStupidFood

2. You stuck your hand…on my plate.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think this restaurant can call themselves upscale anymore.

A handful of jam served on a plate at an upscale restaurant
byu/pabloiswatchingyou inStupidFood

3. It’s not the worst idea.

It could save us all some unpleasant viruses in the future.

In a post-Covid world we will need to find a use for all these spare hand sanitiser dispensers.
byu/McCallumBakes inStupidFood

4. Something’s going to go fast.

Probably you when you’re running to the bathroom later.

Gotta go fast
byu/trendchaser91 inStupidFood

5. There are many fruits that pair great with water.

Bananas are not one of them.

Banana water
byu/scbberpcppy inStupidFood

6. Are those cans clean?

That was my first thought, but I have many.

Some restaurant was bragging about this online
byu/Ezzy17 inStupidFood

7. Four cheese pizza is not supposed to contain blue cheese.

Or honestly anything else that’s on this pizza.

First time buying at a local restaurant called “Food and love”, ordered a four cheese pizza and this is why they delivered.
byu/marrana_brainz inStupidFood

8. Someone thought this would appeal to Americans.

Someone is probably right. Not gonna lie.

Pepperoni Nigiri
byu/Kapples10 inStupidFood

9. Those are mashed potatoes?

It’s the blue ones that really kill it for me.

Mashed Potatriotos for your 4th BBQ
byu/Imatworkgoaway inStupidFood

10. OK but I’m going to try this with my kids.

Not with reheated nuggets though. Ew.

(Homemade) Carbonara but didn’t have guanciale so used leftover McDonald’s chicken nuggets instead
byu/Old-Blighty inStupidFood

11. You cannot convince me that’s not just poop.

And I am someone who loves avocados.

byu/lauragarlic inStupidFood

12. How do you even remove the cob and leave the corn intact?

Seems like a lot of work when corndogs are already delicious.

I .. kind of.. want it
byu/HeadyKitten inStupidFood

13. Why, though?

Every single ingredient is touching that probably-dirty glass.

If you order a burger and it comes out like this, you can legally dine and dash.
byu/chocolate_spaghetti inStupidFood

14. Better than actual blue cheese.

Don’t @ me.

Date said her favorite food was blue cheese pizza. I guess I misunderstood where the emphasis was supposed to be
byu/Imatworkgoaway inStupidFood

Yikes, y’all. I know I put a warning up top and everything but I just wasn’t prepared.

Are you feeling a little queasy? You can’t say we didn’t warn you!