I swear sometimes I think John Xavier Internet invented the entire web just so I could look at it and wonder what was wrong with all of my fellow humans.

Of course, I know it’s also a portal through which all my fellow humans are looking at me and wondering what my deal is, but that’s not the point, I saw them first, let’s not get distracted here.

There are so many fails all around us. Let’s take a moment to slow down and take them in, shall we?

10. This review of Joker

Do we live in a society? This guy is almost sure we do.

9. These fish-safe bags

I mean, it’s still a lot more efficient though.

8. This casually violent idiom

You coulda had a pizza Monday. Instead, you chose death.

7. This anime sword

I…don’t think that’s what that is.

6. This epic takedown

The look on the bottom guy’s face. Like. “It’s a living!”

5. This hapless thief

“Sure, they’ll be able to see me, but at least I won’t be able to breathe.”

4. This medical sleuth

Several Presidents have had cancer, and that’s based on what’s publicly known.
Others may have kept it private.

3. This big call out

Dang, you got us.

2. This geography lesson

Where in the world is…anything?

1. This camel attack

I’ve seen this photo maybe 100 times and each time it freaks me all the way out.

Alright, that’s enough internet for the day, I can’t cope with it anymore.

What’s been your biggest facepalm experience lately?

Tell us in the comments.