You might think that doing something thoughtful for another person takes a ton of time and effort. But, trust me, it doesn’t need to be a big show of gratitude. It’s the little things that make the biggest impact in a person’s day.

Looking for ideas to make a friend smile? Here you go!

10. Let someone cut in front of  you

If you notice someone rushing and you have all the time in the world, let them in front of you.

Whether it be in the security or ticketing line, your small gesture  will ease their worry.

9. Send a thank you card

Write up a quick thank you card to a friend. In the hustle and bustle of the days and weeks, it’s easy to forget how much you appreciate someone.

Give them a heartfelt note that your thinking of them.

8. Send a text

If snail mail isn’t your thing, a simple text will work too. You can even say, “I was thinking about that time we…”

Memories will strike up the bond between each of you. Or a “I’m thinking of you today,” goes a long way!

7. Give a stranger a compliment

Have you ever been on your way somewhere and a stranger says, “I love your dress.”

Feels good, right? Pay that forward and make it genuine.

I call out strangers all the time when I see something I like about their hair, clothes, etc.

6. Shovel your neighbors sidewalk

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Filip Mroz

If you’re out in the winter morning shoveling your walk, take a look at your neighbors.

Taking a few extra minutes to shovel their sidewalk will make their day!

5. Share a book with a friend

Did you just finish a book that you loved? Do you have a friend that likes to read?

Pass it on to them knowing they’ll enjoy it as much as you!

4. Hold the door open!

This is a biggie and takes little effort! When entering or exiting a restaurant or where ever – hold the door open behind you!

This kindness really goes a long way.

3. Bring treats to work

We all know that the office loves cookies and treats! How about a box of doughnuts?

Consider how happy your coworkers will be if you surprise them with a little food.

You’ll be the office hero!

2. Put a note in your kids lunchbox

Snag a post-it note and write something silly on it. Place it in your kiddos lunch and later they’ll be smiling.

This works wonders with spouses too!

1. Tip your barista extra!

We all stop at Starbucks or other cafe on our way to work. Your barista is slaving over cappuccino machines and blenders to start your day right.

Toss a few extra bucks their way!

These are only a few simple things you can do to make someone smile!

What have you done before? Share with us in the comments!