Are you in the mood for memes?

Sure you are. You’re alive, ain’t ya?

Any red-blooded human with even a moment to spare has gotta be in the mood for a good meme.

And you ARE a human, right? It would be a real shame if you refused to scroll through this meme list thus accidentally revealing that you’ve been an alien all along. The entire invasion would be in jeopardy. You’d put the mission at risk.

Better play it safe and have a look at these memes, fellow human person.

10. Super high

I guess this could technically be plausible?

9. Get moving

Bruh, how are you even alive right now?

8. Furry flirty

A picture like this would never not be welcome though.

7. Mega thirst

The secret is hydration.

6. Save the date

I am a [man] seeking a [heckin’ good boi.]

5. Shoot your shot

There’s no coming back from this, just burn your phone.

4. Under cover

They’re called panic naps and they’re part of this complete breakfast.

3. Let’s talk about text, baby

It’s all a theatre of the imagination.

2. Contraband

Dude, remember movies?

1. Old school

You might wanna rethink your whole strategy, lady.

This brings us to the end of our human meme list. Now to go on to other people things, such as screen-looking, and the consumption of food to be digested by our single stomach which is the only one we have.

What human memes are the most interesting to you?

Tell us in the comments.