Memes. Where do they come from? How did they get here?

Nobody knows.

Some believe that memes are naturally occurring, like the patterns in rock strata. Others say they were placed here by an extraterrestrial intelligence for reasons beyond our understanding.

Me? I think they reproduce in the traditional way.

But no matter how they got here, we’re lucky to have them. Let’s admire some now.

13. Game over

There will be no fairytale ending tonight.

12. Catch some rays

There’s no better feeling than this.

11. Burn it down

The living embodiment of the “this is fine” cartoon.

10. Making an exit

This is an especially awkward thing to do when you work from home.

9. Coping mechanisms

Can’t get hurt if you’re already dead.

8. Horse play

Why does she always look like she’s severely confused?

7. Noticeably white

I can’t tell if this lady would be insufferable or endless fun.

6. Brush by

Wait how am I the kid in this meme?

5. Musical genius

The most rudimentary form of self-promotion.

4. Special delivery

Turn on the oven because I’m bringing the heat.

3. Super cool

For best results, repeat endlessly the entire night.

2. Flushing bride

Didn’t think I’d end up jealous of a urinal today but whatever.

1. To the skies

This is the weirdest sequel to Up.

Scientists are hard at work trying to find out how these memes came our way. When they finally get to the bottom of it, I think the answer may just astound us all.

What do you think memes are?

Tell us in the comments.