I grew up with two sisters – right in the middle actually. One two years older, one two years younger.

We were home a lot and naturally I wanted people to play with, but I quickly discovered that I did everything wrong. Specifically, I played Barbies wrong. I’m still not sure to this day what the correct way of Barbi-ing is, this remains an eternal mystery I don’t hold much hope of cracking, but I know that however *I* was doing it was definitely not correct, and I was thus usually expelled from play sessions pretty quickly.

And that’s just how it goes when you have siblings. You can’t do anything right, but you can’t do anything too wrong either. These memes know what’s up.

10. Wish away

Imagine living in this kind of perpetual fear.

9. Look, alike!

Not sure if insult, compliment, or completely neutral statement.

8. In retrospect

Oh that’s right, you’re my family.

7. No take-backs

This is OUR shirt, Comrade!

6. The summoning circle

Pretty fly for a wifi.

5. All’s fair in love and war

“Life isn’t fair,” is a great get-out-of-jail-free card for being a jerk.

4. Mom said

Oh y’all had XBOX growing up? Fancy.

3. A shining example

Meanwhile she doesn’t know you’re currently super high.

2. The struggle

That’s how it do.

1. The faker

It takes a while to learn how to spot, but you get there eventually.

Love your siblings. At the end of the day, they’re the only ones ya got.

What are yours like?

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