When I was a kid, I got into a very dramatic argument with my sister.

See, she was two years older than me, and also pretty tall for her age. She kind of towered over me. But I’d just learned something interesting.

It turns out, I’d just been told by reliable sources, that on average, men get taller than women, and that it was entirely likely that within a few years, I’d actually outgrow my older sister. I’d known already, through vigorous research, that people got taller as they got older. Thus, I concluded, that if I would one day be taller than my sister, then I would one day be older than her as well. Then it would be MY turn to be the oldest sibling, and there would be some changes around here.

I presented this fact to her confidently, and was shocked and upset when she dared question its legitimacy. Much fighting ensued.

Who was right and who was wrong? We’ll never know. But these memes sure know what it’s like to have siblings.

10. Shut up

This is some kind of weird game families play with each other and I don’t know why.

9. Get out

Can’t get mad, not touching you.

8. The town crier

Suddenly, the negotiations start in earnest.

7. Strike a pose

And it all comes back to haunt you later.

6. I’m in charge

Until something goes wrong, then suddenly they’re not responsible for any of it.

5. Plate and thank you

What am I supposed to do, throw it away?

4. Misplaced aggression

Whoa, what now?

3. Snitches get stitches

This is absolutely brutal.

2. Shotgun!

This used to matter, like, A LOT.

1. Death becomes her

We’re about to enter a tell-tale heart situation.

Love ’em or love ’em, family is forever.

What are your siblings like?

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