I know that I’m like biologically adapted to spend all of my time and energy on fellow humans, but somehow despite all of that I’m still more drawn to animals. They just don’t suck as much. And when they’re mean to you, it’s a straightforward kind of mean. If a lion wants to eat me he’s just gonna eat me. None of this pretending to my friend first crap. I appreciate the creatures of this world, and if you clicked this link, you must appreciate them too.

Let’s appreciate them together with these ten funny animal memes!

10. One cool cat

That cat is straight up The Punisher and you can’t tell me otherwise.

9. Counter arguments

Not touching you, can’t get mad.

8. Getting catfished

Nice try, but there’s no way I’m going 70 miles to meet you.

7. I snek, therefore I am

I have very long thoughts to share.

6. Big energy

Here he comes, Mr. Steal Yo Mangoes.

5. One man’s trash panda

I will teach you the ways of the gorbage, young one.

4. He is risen

And lo did he move the food in the bowl around, and suddenly, it was filled again.

3. Chow down

I hope he doesn’t get dumped.

2. Fourth of you-lie

This isn’t even my final form.

1. The great battle

Why must they insist on eating things that aren’t even food?

If you liked that, be sure to share it with the animals in your life. Maybe even the human animals, if they deserve it.

What’s your favorite creature and why?

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