Some say we’re living in a deeply divided nation. Others say, “No we’re not, you liars, this means war!”

I think both sides have a point.

And in an effort to heal things over just a little, I’m going to try to educate myself about parts of the country that I don’t have too much familiarity with. For instance, the south. A place with a rich and storied culture, which I will now attempt to fully comprehend through memes.

Take a journey with me out of Yankee territory, ya’ll.

10. Cold shoulder

You dare to insult me like this?

9. Inch by inch

All aboard the Polar Express, I guess.

8. Spurs of the moment

These things are God’s mistakes and you can’t convince me otherwise.

7. There’s snow winning

Do I wanna build a snowman? Probably not.

6. Georgia on my mind

Hey, that’s sign’s got a point.

5. Ya’ll think different

Don’t you tie me down with your autocorrected tyranny.

4. Forbidden phrases

Nobody doesn’t like Dolly Parton at least a little.

3. Oh sweet mercy

This is it. This is the end of all things.

2. Pluralism

But where’s the “youse guys” part of the map?

1. Bitter sweet

I’m gonna spill some tea about spilling this tea.

I feel about as well-versed in Southern culture now as I’ve ever been, and even more so in meme culture.

What’s the most distinctive thing about where you grew up?

Enlighten us in the comments.