I grew up in a house with two sisters and my memory of the early years is a little hazy but I’m fairly sure we were all absolute terrors.

At the time it was easy to look at my parents as killjoys who wanted nothing in this world but to engender my perpetual disappointment, but in retrospect, I think we’re lucky they didn’t sell us to a passing circus or something. Because kids can be…a lot.

To illustrate what I’m talking about, here are ten tweets from parents who know the struggle all too well.

10. Once upon a time…

And they never heard from her again.

9. Tips and tricks

“Clean enough” might as well be the name of my autobiography.

8. Beat the spread

For instance, my patience.

7. Get this bread

He wants to be a part of the upper crust.

6. Clean up your language

How about YOU do that.

5. A simple request

Oh well, guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

4. For the record

Plague be damned, no one can endure this sort of torment.

3. Killing time

Life before the internet was somehow weirder than life before the internet.

2. Coffee break

Come on in, pull up a shirt.

1. Making the rounds

When God opens a window, he also loses a lid.

To the parents out there dealing with the joys and pains of raising a kid, I salute you. From my bed. Where I can nap. Because I don’t have kids. Good luck!

Do you have kids? What’s the experience been like?

Tell us in the comments.