One of the best things about grandmas in general is that they absolutely cannot let you be hungry. It contradicts their very programing.

It is in their DNA to help you stuff your face and literally nothing is going to stop that. I mean, NOTHING. Bring the weight of the world, you’ll see what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

Here are ten things that can’t stand in the way of grandma and her snacks.

10. Lack of a car

This baby can rev up to fifteen miles per hour so hold onto your butts.

9. Demonic possession

She must use her dark and explosive powers only for good.

8. Moderation

How is there even a skillet that big? Who is this for?

7. Bad weather

Technically I’m not supposed to drive in the rain, but eff the police.

6. My refusal

You’re gonna EAT and you’re gonna LIKE IT.

5. Mom’s instructions

You can’t be sweet without a few sweets.

4. Surprise company

I’ve got a whole batch of cookies on standby.

3. Parental orders

I will use the power of the force to get exactly what I want.

2. Doggo rules

He’s a very good and growing boi.

1. The concept of weight itself

“Bro, do you even lift?” – grandma, probably

This post has made me hungry. I need to eat. And also call my grandma.

What’s your grandma’s specialty dish?

Tell us in the comments.