In the age of texting, it may seem a bit odd that parents would even still bother with leaving notes around. After all, if you’ve sent it right to someone’s phone, they’re definitely gonna see it, and shooting off a text certainly takes less time than, say, printing and cutting out instructions.

But then again, there’s something so much more personal and tactile about the actual note. It lets your kids know that you care, and more importantly, it gives a sense of foreboding, like they’re really there in the room with you, even if they’re not.

Watching. Judging. Expecting.

That’s why these notes from parents are the best.

10. Is that you, Alf?

Even I’m too young to be making Alf references, what’s wrong with me?

My parent went out of town, he left me a note.

9. Oh, baby

Look your life is your business but I ain’t taking care of no grandkids right now.

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8. Three in one

That’s pretty optimistic, dad.

My parents went out of town for my dad’s birthday and this is the note they left behind.
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7. Towel off

It’s not that funking hurd.

Loving note from my father
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6. Compare and contrast

Something tells me Eric will very much be smoking the stank and hoodlum-doing.

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5. Get Daniel at 6

I love how this shifts from a note of concern to a burn on a dime.

I accidentally left my computer logged in to Reddit this morning. I found this note next to it when I got home.
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4. Spoiler alert

Spark notes is getting lazier and lazier.

Note my mom left for me on ASOS
byu/RenegadeMushroomMan ingameofthrones

3. That summer breeze

Or terribly wrong, I don’t know.

Judging by this note from my mom, I’d say I’m doing summer right.
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2. Bean thing

The best part of waking up is probably not this.

Clean your beans…
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1. The connection games

True innovation right here.

clever motherhood

I guess modern problems do call for modern solutions.

What’s the best note you’ve written/received?

Tell us in the comments, fam!