Let’s talk about feelings.

Wait, no, don’t leave! It’ll be fun, I promise. Because we’re not gonna discuss feelings the old-fashioned, healthy way.

We’re gonna do it with memes!

Memes capture the full spectrum of human experience, good and bad. So it makes sense that they could be utilized as a lens for examining even the deepest of our emotional truths.

Plus it’s funny.

Here are ten feels, captured in meme form.

10. When you overshare

And realize that you might have been just a *tad* dramatic.

9. When you’re a gingerbread person

You CAN catch me and I wish to heck you would.

8. When you’re too tired to care much

Clocked out, tucked in.

7. When you’re just holding it together

Are the cracks still showing, ya think?

6. When you get your beauty regimen in

Now I am unstoppable!

5. When…this

Hey. Hey buddy. Truck you!

4. When you gotta hide

Another trip to the grocery store gone terribly wrong.

3. When you gotta hedge your bets

It’s like all the fine print fast talking at the end of an ad for a law firm.

2. When you’re hungry

Food covers a multitude of sins.

1. When you’re gonna make it weird

Welp. This just became a whole thing, I guess.

Now that we’ve discussed our feelings, it’s time to immediately forget about them and get back to making jokes.

What deep meaning do YOU get from memes?

Tell us in the comments.