Step right up and take a good long gander at these strange memes, collected from the furthest corners of the earth! What murky origins does each enigmatic image hold?

What is their purpose? What do they have to teach us? We can only gaze on and wonder.

By which I mean…hey, look at these weird memes. It’ll be fun.

10. Next level dad

This isn’t accurate at all, there’s absolutely no football involved.

9. Color me surprised

The difference was that back then you really had to WORK for it.

8. A spirited adventure

It’s exactly the crap we used to do as kids, but with grown ups, and on television.

7. Block busted

True story: I used to work there as a teen. Still have my employee nametag in my office. Thinking it should be in a museum.

6. Part and parcel

We have very different definitions of what “today” means, apparently.

5. Trash island

He’s gonna make it after all!

4. Eating up my savings

To be fair, my doctor did tell me to consume more greens.

3. Tail fails

Caption gives terrible advice, everyone obviously needs to be doing this all the time.

2. I’m a foodie

Gourmet, and gonna stay that way.

1. The final extension

You ever heard the phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

Whomever made these, I salute them. The world is weirdly better off for it.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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