Nothing elicits humility more than parenting. Adults the world over can sympathize with the trials and tribulations of dealing with toddlers, sibling squabbles, and teen rebellion.

These conversations used to be secret, but the internet has allowed parents to share their advice and wisdom. Here are some parenting hacks that can help you deal with your kids.

10. Wash Tiny Socks in a Mesh Bag

It’s hard enough to keep adult pairs of socks intact, but baby socks are a tiny nuisance.

Washing them in a mesh bag keeps them tidy and organized.


9. Encourage Your Toddler To Stage a Parade

Just use some tape and encourage them to stage a parade so they can stay quiet and busy.


8. You Can Also Use Stickers

Same concept, but with stickers to make patterns.


7. Use a Dish Rack to Keep Things Organized

You can use it to keep their toy plates and tea sets organized, or to make space for art supplies and other items of varying sizes.


6. Upcycle Diaper Wipe Containers

They’re a great place to store snacks!

Or you can turn them into other things!


5. Reuse Altoid Containers

Crayons and small pencils fit perfectly!

You can decorate them too if your child is a little older.


4. Play White Noise for Your Baby

It will help them sleep better and stay calm.


3. Use Puppy Pads During Toilet Training

The can prevent bed-wetting disasters while your toddler learns to use the toilet.


2. Zippered Onesies Are Better

Onesies with snap buttons seem like a great idea until you have to snap them back in the middle of the night.


1. Flip the Sides of Juice Boxes

They help kids hold them and prevent spills!

Parents are resourceful in a bind. It’s likely that you’ll have figured out your own hacks, but these are some great tips for beginners, right?

We’re all ears if there’s additional advice that would help other parents too!

Leave em’ in the comments!