The art of the passive-aggressive note is truly something to be treasured and fostered in our population.

If we don’t set a good example for our kids by leaving notes with an impact, how will they know to do the same with their own children/pets/houseplants one day?

Truly it’s a noble cause to point out good ones when we see the, which is exactly what his collection is all about. Enjoy.

10. A cut up

The important thing is to really underline the violence with a nice heart in the signature.

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9. Straight from the heart

Anybody who has to clean kitchens often enough knows what’s up.

Love, Mom

8. Valuable life lessons

Let’s get the hashtag #DadFacts trending right away, please.

I’m going to use this note and fake bugs

7. Copy paste

Yeah you’re gonna wanna read those labels pretty carefully.

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6. Return of the machete

Uh, ok then, thanks mom.

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5. The real diesel

You don’t wanna get out there and find out your were wrong about this.

Nice one Mum

4. Plugged in

Seems like buying a $10 powerstrip might just save a lot of angst and anger in this situation.

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3. Thoughts and prayers

One does not simply walk in.

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2. Mike the apple

Well now that you’ve named him nobody’s gonna be able to eat him. Nice going, dummy.

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1. Tube up bum

Written so casually, like this is a common occurrence in this household.

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Now those are some notable notes. I think I’ll make a note of them. So that they’re duly noted.

What’s the best note you’ve either written or received?

Tell us about it in the comments.