There are truths, and there are deep truths, and then there are technical truths.

Things that you can’t deny, though every fiber of your being wants to, because they’re just too pedantic to warrant acknowledgement.

And yet, you gotta give it up. Here are ten posts that are gloriously, technically true.

10. T H I N K

Being correct while missing the entire spirit of the post, attaboy.


9. Layer by layer

He’s out of line, but he’s right.

8. You gotta testify!

There’s a theatre in my hometown called The New Theatre.
It’s been around for more than 50 years.


7. Numbers don’t lie

This is a great example of why statistics without context can be less than useless.

6. The pocket conspiracy

Has someone informed Jim Gaffigan of this?

5. Bullet time

I’ve seen this posted so many times and like…where are you getting that number from?

4. Summon the Grouch

What am I, chopped liver? Also I think I’m standing on some chopped liver.

3. Rock and roll

That’s gonna be the name of my Rush cover band.


2. Support the cause

This is what you get for leaving your prompts so open ended.


1. Absolutely brutal

The game has been changed forever.


Those are some good, technically correct posts. But we’re done now. Or rather, we’ll be done in 41 words. Because I’m still typing, and there are a couple more lines to go.

What’s the best technically correct thing you’ve encountered lately? Was it said by you or by someone else?

Tell us in the comments.

Ok we’re actually done…now.