We could all use a wholesome boost once in a while and I’ve discovered that one of the best ways to do that is to simply enjoy photos of DOGS.

And I’m talking about all kinds of dogs!

And there’s a Twitter page out there called “We Rate Dogs” that is chock-full of great dogs pics…and you better believe that they all get good reviews. Because they’re all good boys and girls!

Take a look at these pics from the account and give them a follow on Twitter.

1.  What am I looking at here?

Oh my, this thing is adorable…whatever it is…

2. Let’s schedule a play date!

Is there anything better?

3. Is there a dog in here somewhere?

I can’t seem to find one anywhere…

4. Oh, good, you found them.

We were worried about that!

5. I think I’m in love with these two.

Aren’t they majestic creatures?

6. You got room for one more?

Looks pretty cozy in there…


Is this even real?!?!

8. Meet The Butterfly King.

Ruling over his kingdom.

9. Now, that is a cute pupper.

Just look at that face!

10. Make sure it doesn’t fall over!

Also, that name, Julie…hilarious.

11. He had a really long day.

Time for a snooze!

12. This is a tiny house hippo.

Got wrinkles for days!

Do you share your home with any furry friends? Yes, I’m talking about dogs!

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments and introduce us to them.

We’d love to hear from you!