I’m not sure how to prepare you for what you’re about to see so I’ll just come out and say it. These are a bunch of dogs who have bread on their faces. They think you won’t recognize them. They are attempting to bamboozle you. Don’t fall victim to it.

To protect you from bamboozlement, I have listed what I suspect to be their true doggy identities. Stay vigilant. Don’t let the doggos deceive.

15. Pancake Jimmy

Wakey wakey, tails are shaky.

14. The Loaf

Is it bigger than a breadbox? …no.

13. Concerned Pete

He’s here for you and he’s brought a snack.

12. Eyeholes McScruff’n’stuff

He’s doing his best, damn it.

11. Normal Frank

Yes hello, good to see you with my regular eyes.

10. Tumbleweed Tommy

(He thinks the bread will distract from the fact that he’s one giant piece of lint.)

9. Goofus

Neither his bark nor his bite are as bad as his glare.

8. Toastmaster General

Dude looks like he should be at some sort of fancy masquerade party.

7. Grizzly John

He’s seen a thing or two, and he’s loved them all.

6. Prince Sprinkles

His royal highness is not amused.

5. Lt. Barkly

He’s got his helmet on and he’s ready for battle.

4. Angel

This one is just an actual angel from Heaven, don’t mind him.

3. The Dynamic Duo

Justice is blind and so are they.

2. James Von Snoutly the Third

He can’t help but look down his nose at you.

1. Kevin

Don’t you trust him for a second.

Now that you know what to look out for, spread the word. These heckin’ bois are smart. They’re the best of the best. I suppose you could say they’re…well-bread.

Would your dog ever participate in such shenanigans?

Tell us in the comments.